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Packing An Autoharp for Shipping

  • The best way to ship a ‘harp is in its case, double boxed. 

  • Without a case, an autoharp may be adequately packed if double boxed.

  • It may be shipped in one box if in a case, but I prefer using double boxes to protect everything well.

  • Commercial packing materials are great, crumpled newspaper works well too.

  • A piece of heavy paper or light card stock between the strings and felt will help prevent indents in the felt.

  • Wrap the chord bar system in plastic wrap, so that the buttons will not move.

  • Pack the ‘harp inside the case (or box) with packing materials in such a manner that the ‘harp will not move around when shaken.

  • Place case in a box with about an inch of space all around for packing material.  Again, pack it so the contents will not move when shaken.

  • Do this one more time in a larger box.  The outer box must be of shipping quality.  Some light cardboard will not do well, but most boxes that are available for purchase are fine.

  • With the outer box, use packing tape such as wide clear packing tape, or other suitable tape designed for packing.  Double tape all seams each side and on the ends.  Then cross the long seams with a few swaths of tape so that they will not burst if dropped.

  • Mark it “Fragile”, some shipping companies are becoming more aware of the importance of handling packages with care.  

  • You are now in compliance with shipping company parameters, and you are reasonably safe from accidents and rough treatment.  However…..

  • Don’t Forget To Insure It!


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